Haircuts for Men – +0 [EP]

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

[Originally posted to the SongSavers music blog on 29 October 2015.]

Haircuts for Men has released eleven albums in thirteen months. Wow. That’s obscene. Luckily for this future funk1 artist, a lot of them are quite good. The +0 EP is a short, five-track collection released on DMT Records – a Michigan label that specializes in limited-run cassettes (but also offers digital downloads) of outsider house and vaporwave.

The statue face on the album artwork may lead the curious listener to believe that Haircuts for Men is just another memey, indie-irony2 album, but the cover belies a non-ironic, highly listenable amalgamation of funk, downtempo, and smooth-ish jazz. The first track would unquestionably be a proper fit as an Air single in the late-90s. Give it a taste for some modern electronic slow jamz.



1. トニーは悪魔でした3 – (4:46)
2. 多くの巻き戻さVHSへ4 – (6:03)
3. パーティーでペースを拾っ5 – (4:43)
4. 彼女は私を幽霊、私は彼女を殺しました6 – (5:24)
5. Cマイナーに嘆きます7 – (5:29)


1A style of vaporwave characterized by a retro-futuristic approach at funk and downtempo.
2The bane of independent music.
3Translation: “Tony was the devil”
4Translation: “[Ode] to many unwound VHS [tapes]” or “Rewinding many VHS tapes.” I honestly don’t know.
5Translation: “The pace picked up at the party”
6Translation: “She was my ghost, I killed her” or “She haunted me, I killed her”
7Translation: “Lament in C Minor”


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