AOTW | 6 June – 12 June: Daniel Lopatin – Chuck Person’s ECCOJAMS Vol. 1

Continuing last week’s focus on early vaporwave, this week’s AOTW is Chuck Person’s ECCOJAMS Vol. 1. This album pioneered the extreme chopped-and-screwed style of recognizable pop songs that launched its own couple of subgenres in addition to influencing artists such as Vektroid (e.g. Floral Shoppe, as Macintosh Plus) and Nmesh. It’s narcotic and trippy; Lopatin’s vaporwave classic is an excellent example of the genre’s ability to recontextualize existing media through clever sampling techniques and effects. This hour-long release was formerly only available on cassette, but thankfully there are plenty of digital uploads to facilitate one’s listening experience.

Check out Sunbleach‘s review of Chuck Person’s ECCOJAMS Vol. 1 here, and listen to the music below:



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