Vincent Remember – (私たちの休暇) [EP]

Recommendation: ☀☁☁

Vincent Remember’s brief five-track, sixteen-minute extended-play (私たちの休暇)1 is telepath-esque hypnagogic vaporwave with downtempo electronic music influences. The longer songs are the best ones: these allow the artist’s chillness get into its own groove, especially with the moderate-bpm drum sampling utilized. A couple other songs have a future funk feeling to them, but they’re not as fun as the more hypnagogic tracks (e.g. the first and last ones). Vincent Remember would do well to lengthen his tracks a bit, as most of them end right as the listener starts to nod along to the beat and nod off to the daydreams.



1. 美的ファック – (4:20)2
2. 彼の目に星印 [on a plane to england] – (2:51)3
3. aekia aeniug – (2:28)
4. フラダンス、年2659 – (2:15)4
5. 私たちの休暇 (Our Vacation) – (4:19)



1Japanese translation: “Our holiday”
2Japanese translation: “Fuck aesthetic”
3Japanese translation: “Stars in his eyes”
4Japanese translation: “Hula, year 2659”
5Japanese translation: “Our vacation”


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