Hayao Yamaneko – Rest in Paradise [EP]

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Rest in Paradise is an early example of the VHS pop genre. Think ECCOJAMS mixed with the approach of late night lo-fi: tracks are chopped and screwed, but with a curiously apolitical light that tries its hardest to elicit nostalgia and old times rather than comment upon them. These tracks come from a much larger compilation (also titled Rest in Paradise) that included five other artists: Eyeliner, Infinity Frequencies, coolmemoryz, FutureFunkRocker, and RealPlayer 7.

Its only real fault is its length: at six tracks in twelve minutes, Hayao Yamaneko’s contribution to Rest in Paradise demands further exploration of and reflection upon its ideas. Interestingly enough, it uses nigh-identical album artwork to Palm Haze by Miami Vice,1 which uses a similar aesthetic except makes a full album out of it – and it’s not a compilation. Check that one out first, but if you’re really into the VHS pop thing, then Rest in Paradise is a good addition to one’s library.



1. No Escape – (2:25)
2. Devil Eyes – (1:34)
3. Pray for Me – (1:48)
4. Eternity – (1:58)
5. Heaven – (2:34)
6. Millennium Tower – (1:46)


1The only real difference being the woman’s foot is not raised up.


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