Illuminated Paths releases “HELL” by V E R N O N 地獄

V E R N O N 地獄’s HELL is a compilation album of various extended-plays and similar releases. The twenty-eight track album out on Illuminated Paths includes tracks from the I C H I , M I C H I, and S A N extended-plays as well as the entirety of the S U S T C O R P™ album. Purchasers of the compilation will also receive two previously-unreleased bonus tracks: “h i g h e r” and “スター注視.” Most of the album is classic-style vaporwave that occasionally dips into hypnagogic pop. It’s available for $8 as a digital download and for $9 on “120 minute uber collection cassette” in an edition of twenty-five.

Check it out below:



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