рмнчитто – Tears

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рмнчитто’s1 Tears represents how far the vaporwave genre has come in the past several years since its unlikely beginnings in the depths of the Internet. This nine-track, twenty-one minute album is another addition to the score of hypnagogic pop albums released in the last six years: simple, non-committal samples of smooth jazz and easy listening with little additional effect except for an occasional drum beat. None of the songs are outright offensive or hard on the ears, but there isn’t much excitement – not much that adds to the stockpile of similar-sounding albums that are all over cyberspace.

On one hand, this is kind of the point of the whole movement – or at least, it was: where music is as anonymous and exchangeable as possible; a true commodity of sound. But, the argument may be made that if vaporwave started out with that mindset (and it almost certainly did not entirely encompass such, given the breadth of experimentation even from the early 骨架的 days), then vaporwave has evolved and transformed out of the pure-commutable sound into something with more depth and reason. Tears does not have much place in the modern vaporwave scene, despite рмнчитто’s decent work and choice of samples; if this producer focuses more on creating their own voice in the genre, then he or she may be viewed more favorably in the future.



1. paintings – (3:07)
2. Tears – (3:03)
3. spent time – (1:34)
4. illuminated – (2:25)
5. never cry – (2:23)
6. beaching around – (2:21)
7. dead roses – (2:00)
8. missing the old times – (1:45)
9. away forever – (2:45)


1Russian translation: “Romanchetto”


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