вовчі особи – вовки тіні

Recommendation: ☀☁☁

вовчі особи1 lies in the curious world of “deathdream,” a sub-subgenre of dreampunk that takes the latter’s highly ambient stylings to their funereal extreme.2 вовки тіні3 is two tracks – one fifteen minutes; the other, twenty – that plunge into the cavernous depths of feedback, oscillations, and echoes. There is neither percussion nor beat for the album’s entire run.

вовки тіні is one of the most challenging albums on the TKX Vault label, if not the entire dreampunk subgenre. Its dissonance and occasionally scary milieu will be unlikely to appeal to any but those most interested in the darkest that the subgenre has to offer. Vaporwave is not a genre that lends itself to the phrase “punishing” often – if at all – but it is certainly an accurate descriptor for this release, and for that, it is all the more impressive that it’s an enjoyable(?) listen. In a musical climate saturated by chilling music – dreampunk, heavy metal, drone music, etc. – it is refreshing to come across an album that is genuinely haunting.4

As with some of the latter albums on TKX Vault,5 вовки тіні is associated with a loose collective of semi-anonymous producers from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine; occasionally referred to as “Ruskevapor.” The vast majority of these releases are dark and highly experimental, especially with regards long-form songs and the contentious style of “hardvapor” music. вовчі особи’s place in this realm is curious: it has very little to do with the questionably-political aspects of other members (e.g. Vladyk Predovitch and ЖЫ). There is an undertone of nature and even violence: the wolves theme recalls the naturalist/existentialist viewpoints of Drudkh;6 the overt harshness of music is viscerally turbulent; and ghoulish, spectral album artwork displays a bête noire.

вовки тіні is the perfect tonic to an otherwise pleasant evening. All jokes aside, it is legitimately creepy, and an excellent addition to the library of a drone and/or dark ambient fan.



1. видирати душу, як м’ясо від кістки – (15:16)9
2. пити священну кров тіньової енергії – (20:56)8


1Ukrainian translation: “Wolf People”
2Basically what Sunn O))) does for doom metal.
3Ukrainian translation: “Wolves Shadow”
4Just look at that album cover. That’s one of the more badass album artworks that I’ve seen in a while.
5… and the Antifur label.
6A black metal band who, coincidentally, is also from Ukraine.
7Ukrainian translation: “Tear the soul, the meat from bone”
8Ukrainian translation: “Drink the sacred blood of shadow energy”9
9Even the song title sound metal!


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