Illuminated Paths triple release: “Showcase Tour,” La Mujer Insecto, and Auto Chlor

Floridian label Illuminated Paths released three albums today, coinciding with a live tour of musicians. The first is SHOWCASE TOUR -THE DVD, VOLUME I-, which chronicles live performances by improvisational and experimental electronic art troupe Broken Machine Films. The second is Orquesta Pandroginia by La Mujer Insecto, which utilizes electronic noise pop and dissonant ambient sounds. The third and final is Goodbye Trendy / Fuck Eris by Auto Chlor, which is a double album of its two namesakes that is highly experimental long-form noise and electroacoustic music.

SHOWCASE TOUR is available on DVD format with live performance footage and more goodies for $8 in an edition of twenty-five; the other two albums are available on cassette format for $7 each in separate editions of twenty-five. Also, SHOWCASE TOUR may be downloaded for $5 while the other two may be downloaded for $6 each.

Check them out below:



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