Adhesive Sounds releases “Night Ride” by Adhesive Sounds X Mhz通信販売

Adhesive Sounds’ newest album is a compilation of upcoming artists that have worked (or are working) with the label. The album is called Night Ride, which features artists such as PZA, Famicom Fountains, Chungking Mansions, and Vince Dolphin. The tracks range from classic-style vaporwave to vaportrap to hypnagogic drift to dreampunk. Thirty-one artists in as many tracks are represented, making it a great introduction to the label for the uninitiated. It’s available for $3 CAD as a digital download, for $12 CAD on cassette in an edition of eighty, and for $15 CAD on cassette with poster in an edition of twenty-five.

Check it out below:



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