AOTW | 15 August – 21 August: Disconscious – Hologram Plaza

Disconscious’ Hologram Plaza is usually one of the first albums that the new mallsoft fan checks out, and for good reason. This album has it all: the hazy atmosphere, the semi-loneliness, and the faux-emotional emptiness of wandering around in an abandoned mall. There’s plenty of reverb for everyone to go around, and it’s easy to see how this album ended up being influential on later releases by artists in the dreampunk and ambient subgenres. “Elevator Up,” “Elevator Down,” and “Enter through the Lobby” capture the mindless drone of waiting for things to happen, with the half-blown speakers of a decade-old PA system helping keep one company. Check out Sunbleach’s review here, and listen to the music below:



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