nano神社 (✪㉨✪) – SEGAS

Recommendation: ✂ (“Get in the Summer Groove,” “Katz Lounge”)

The issue with SEGAS is the same issue with S U R F I N G’s Deep Fantasy: equalized funk tracks with minimal additional processing packaged as personal compositions on behalf of the artist. Just listen to The Avalanches if you’re interested in this kind of music.1 nano神社 (✪㉨✪)23 does add some screw in there that sounds like a CD skipping or vinyl speed being reset mid-play; and out of all the artists who use that aesthetic in their music, he probably does it the best; however, it’s not enough to keep up for the whole three-quarters-hour-long album. “Get in the Summer Groove” pulls this off to an amazing extreme, and it gives a small hint at the talent that lies behind nano神社 (✪㉨✪)’s topically silly exterior. Otherwise, check out the instrumental “Katz Lounge,” and then you’ve got the majority of what started off the SEGAS series.



1. Can’t Stop – (4:24)
2. Get in the Summer Groove – (3:55)
3. Katz Lounge – (5:20)
4. I Wanna Be with You – (6:15)
5. When I’m with You – (2:26)
6. Love Is Like a Dream – (4:17)
7. She Set Me Up – (5:01)
8. I’m Shugga Free – (5:28)
9. I Can’t Forget You – (3:44)
10. Loner Lagoon – (5:30)


1I heard that the new album is pretty good, too.
2Japanese translation: “nano shrine”
3That bear face is so damn cute.


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