Unknown Artist – The Phonograph

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Phonograph is a single-track release by experimental ambient producer Unknown Artist, out on TKX Vault. It’s a ten-minute long excursion through old tunes played on heavily degraded vinyls with extreme deterioration. You know low fidelity? This is hypo-fidelity. There’s some weird whispering1 between individual “songs,” which gives the album a creepy affect.2 When it comes to exploring the haunting eventualities of death through obsolete music forms, The Caretaker did it better on An Empty Bliss Beyond this World; The Phonograph is a cool idea, but ends too soon and doesn’t quite have the listening appeal or headspace embodied by Jim Kirby’s aforementioned project. Give it a whirl if you’re decidedly interested.



1. The Phonograph – (10:43)


2Yes, “affect.” I will fight you.


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