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Released in November 2012, PURE TRANCE is one of the final albums released by Robin Burnett as Internet Club – excluding reissues and remixes. In contrast to the epicness of albums such as REDEFINING THE WORKPLACE and Vanishing Vision, PURE TRANCE is a short vignette: fifteen tracks, twenty-one minutes of glitchy, microsample signalwave. There are no ten-minute new age soundscapes or faux-utopian explorations into business culture; instead, we have broken transmission-type excerpts of three-or-four-second long tracks that are repeated with occasional overlaid effects. This isn’t an album exploring political or social ramifications: it’s simply enjoyable vignettes of a post-millennium outlook on pre-millennium life.

Several tracks are sourced from extreme low bit-rate samples, giving a more digital feel than those albums produced to sound sourced from cassettes or tape reels. Contrary to the title, there’s no trance music, but there is a utilization of adult contemporary and uptempo smooth jazz that give PURE TRANCE a peppy feel that isn’t usually a part of Burnett’s releases. A notable exception is – ironically enough – the title track, which is a minor-progression of an almost entirely beatless synth/piano break from an adult contemporary track. It’s effectively juxtaposed with the skip/stutter of “VELFARRE (PART ONE),” emphasizing the signalwave aesthetic. Speaking of which – “SIX TREES” anticipates the buggy classical music samplism of Infinity Frequencies’ Computer trilogy by almost a year; as with the title track, it’s a good source of variety and a decent break in between more lively songs such as “VELFARRE (PART THREE).”

As with REDEFINING THE WORKPLACE and ▣世界から解放され▣, PURE TRANCE demonstrates Burnett’s eclectic and varied tastes. The juxtaposition of stylistically dissimilar songs act as jarring jump cuts that keep the listener engaged throughout the work (e.g. “OXYGEN LOUNGE” and “WEBS RIDDIM 2.0”). While not as exciting or as pioneering as many other signalwave releases, PURE TRANCE will make a solid addition to the library of one who enjoys the subgenre.



2. GALA – (0:54)
3. HI-REZ – (0:57)
4. PRINT CLUB – (1:11)
5. POLYGONS – (0:41)
6. MAXX 999 – (2:20)
7. VELFARRE (PART ONE) – (1:03)
8. PURE TRANCE – (1:59)
9. VELFARRE (PART TWO) – (0:30)
10. VELFARRE (PART THREE) – (1:46)
11. SIX TREES – (2:30)
12. OXYGEN LOUNGE – (3:10)
13. WEBS RIDDIM 2.0 – (1:16)
14. VIBES RIDDIM 2.0 – (1:29)
15. NEVER SLEEP (REPRISE) – (0:36)


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