emperor tangerine – my empire

Recommendation: ✂ (“daisy”)

emperor tangerine’s debut album for TKX Vault (formerly known as Tokyo Exchnage) demonstrates the label’s early predilection for not fucking around when it came to the most extreme avant-garde music in sampling, to the extent of rivaling Scolex Recordings in terms of music associated with the vaporwave scene. Released nine days after the similarly-chaotic label debut Y.2089 by テレビ体験, my empire continued a hell of a string of challenging releases by the Dream Catalogue imprint.

The album is four tracks, and a lot happens in those four tracks. Opener “daisy” starts off the album with a wave of sonic assault and bass-led beats that continue into analogue screw, steadily encompassing static, and screeching feedback loops. “ring” begins with a vocal sample that develops into the most club-like noise track on the album before devolving into low-bass rumbles and spacey oscillations. “lady” is the shortest track at a scant four minutes, and it is probably the most vaporwave track with its obvious samplism (albeit heavily screwed) that culminates in squelches of high-pitched feedback. “ey” reprises the vocal sample on “ring,” except tempo/pitch-shifted around fifty percent (s)lower and continuing the beat until the last few minutes, which entirely quote the previous track.

my empire is an album that will appeal to the most masochistic of vapornoise listeners – if it isn’t just straight noise music. For those who may not be able to stomach forty minutes of punishment, “daisy” is an excellent-enough glimpse into the frenzied cacophony therein.



1. daisy – (8:59)
2. ring – (13:32)
3. lady – (4:18)
4. ey – (13:51)


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