AOTW | 26 September – 2 October: death’s dynamic shroud.wmv – I’ll Try Living Like This

After skipping last week’s AOTW update due to personal vacation, Sunbleach is back with a new featured album – this time, something from death’s dynamic shroud.wmv (a.k.a. dds.wmv). I’ll Try Living Like This is probably one of the most recognizable albums in the ECCOJAMS subgenre of music, next to Daniel Lopatin’s genre-defining/-naming release. I’ll Try Living Like This is a mash-up of various sources that include video game music (most recognizably, Sonic the Hedgehog), Japanese darkwave, and contemporary American Billboard Top 40 popular hits. Each track is produced as manic and hyped-up as possible, even at its most downtempo moments (e.g. “이보다 좋을 수는 없겠어”). It has a cyperpunk atmosphere, but that kind where you aren’t quite sure if it’s a utopia or dystopia; it could be both, depending on the observer. I’ll Try Living Like This is one of the best places to start for new and old vaporwave fans who are interested in exciting, stimulating music of the modern scene. Read Sunbleach‘s review here, and check out the music below.



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