AOTW | 3 October – 9 October: Penthouse Apartment – Y2K Millenium Nightclub

Here’s an interesting concept: an album that revolves around burgeoning communication technology at the turn of the millennium utilizing phone connectors, remixed modem sounds, and some of the bleakest-sounding techno this side of Berlin. Penthouse Apartment with Y2K Millenium Nightclub (sic) does exactly that. This release is the Sunbleach AOTW for its status as a precursor to the “ghost tech” trend that would be explored on the TKX Vault successor Pyramids, whereby melodic yet sparse electronica and percussion is used to elicit the man-machine textures of cyberpunk and the future of the digital age. But whereas many of the ghost tech albums are firmly turned twoard the future – or at least their creator’s vision of the future – Y2K Millenium Nightclub is very much rooted in the past. Hell, there’s The Matrix in its album artwork, the sample-dump of “Millenium Bugged” (sic), and that fucking annoying (and immediately recognizable) beeping that audio equipment used to do (and maybe still does?) when a nearby phone is sending or receiving data. It’s a cool album, and a great example of the provocative TKX Vault. Check out Sunbleach‘s review here, and check out the music below.



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