PLUS 100 Records releases “永” by テレヴァペ

telepath and Vaperror have teamed up to release a new album out on PLUS 100 Records. The release is titled , and it’s four tracks of futurevisions-esque vaporwave with telepath’s classic dream filter and Vaperror’s predilection for a groovy melody. The release comes as a part of PLUS 100’s first anniversary, having previously featured other telepath albums and the like. The album is being released on several different format that include VHS, vinyl, cassette, and an “anniversary bundle” that includes all three plus digital downloads of all extent PLUS 100 albums. At the time of this writing, the VHS and anniversary bundles are sold out, the vinyls (white and black) are still available, and there are only fifteen cassettes left out of an original run of 300. So grab them while you can! Oh, and you can get a digital download version for $7.

Check it out below:



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