Spirit #67 – 103.67FM

Recommendation: ☀☁☁

103.67FM is the sound of a Thursday night network channel playing nothing but saxophone soul for you and your lucky lover(s). Each of the album’s ten tracks are smooth jazz produced with a low-fidelity car radio sound that’s replete with compression glitches, ever-so-faint static, vinyl clicks, and gated production. Tracks are copied-and-pasted edits with new titles and times, with few edits other than the aforementioned.

The tunes played by Spirit #67 aren’t really all that new or exciting, but one can’t deny that this release from the now-defunct Telepathic Data Storage project totally nails its atmosphere. The level of detail to the production is just right without any excess flourishes. Rather than aim for hyper-reality, 103.67FM succeeds in actual-reality; if one didn’t know this were a vaporwave album curated by another producer, one would be forgiven for thinking it’s an actual recording of some jazz set on nineties FM radio.1 It’s just a sweet, easy, soulful excursion into the evening.

103.67FM isn’t anything new or exciting, but it’s one of the very, very few vaporwave albums that utilizes the aesthetic of direct sampling to surprisingly excellent effect. One should keep in mind that the original artists are uncredited; rather than view 103.67FM as an album by Spirit #67, interpret it as one of many late night sets from an anonymous jazz radio disc jockey.



1. Connecting – (1:36)
2. Established Signal – (3:29)
3. Evening Selection – (3:23)
4. Forever – (4:36)
5. Goodbye – (6:17)
6. Goodnight – (6:11)
7. Standby – (5:27)
8. Top Chart #67 – (3:03)
9. We Interrupt You – (5:51)
10. Spirit – (3:45)


1I should send this to my mom. She loves this shit.


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