AOTW | 10 October – 16 October: chris††† – no lives matter

chris†††’s no lives matter was the first mega-hit of 2016, a year that’s seen quite a few mega-hits. Taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to the “___ Lives Matter” movements (and before a certain black metal meme stole the joke), no lives matter is a producer’s wet dream of vaporwave production. This isn’t your weekend-fling, throw-a-bunch-of-reverb and call it a day; no lives matter is one of the few albums that deserve the phrase “immaculate production” without tendency toward hyperbole. It’s a crazy synthesis of club hits, techno jams, The Beach Boys, and YouTube video vomits – and it sounds damn good through it all. Check out Sunbleach‘s review here, and listen to the music below.



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