Pursuance – Cold Light

Recommendation: ☀☁☁

Cold Light is your soundtrack to staring at the sun. This twenty minute single-track release is an excursion through loud drones, trip-hop, nineties techno, stark ambient music, and hardvapor in a seamless suite – and one that’s far more cohesive than such disparate tags may initially belie. The album starts off in standard dreampunk style with long, airy synths pressing through the astral plane before coming to head in Mezzanine-era Massive Attack percussion. This is then pushed out of the way for old school acid techno pulses and house kick-drums that devolve into dub bass at Cold Light‘s halfway point. The track then lapses into an EDM/hardvapor mix at roughly the thirteen-minute mark, with the final quarter of the track ending in dreampunk again with a frosty piano melody leading to the exit.

Each section is introduced by the beginning’s bloodless synthesizers that act as transitions from style to style of electronic music. They’re not gimmicky at all: the whole album – as demonstrated by its title – is quite cold, and the music matches the synthesizers’ pallidness. There’s a bit of a retro vibe in here as well, because Cold Light has less than crystal-clear production that nicely enhances it. Check this out this EP for an introduction to your winter.



1. Cold Light – (20:04)


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