Nu Vapor publishes the “Vaporwave Essentials Nu Edition” guide

A project that’s been in the running for several months now is at a close: this is the Vaporwave Essentials Nu Edition guide, which compiles one hundred albums from vaporwave-and-related-genres from 2014 through 2016. The original Vaporwave Ultra Guide put out by 4chan in 2014 only covered albums released up to that year, so a reddit/4chan/Virtual Plaza user by the name of Nu Vapor polled various forums to create a definite guide to albums released since the publication of the Vaporwave Ultra Guide.

Featured genres include classic-style, hypnagogic, vaportrap/hop, future funk, hardvapor, and parody works; along with ten distinctive labels that have and continue to shape the genre as it heads into the latter half of the New 10s. The guide’s web site includes information of each album and its respective genre, in addition to mirror links that include each work (as well as some other official mirrors of labels and artists). The final list was whittled down from an original list of 160 albums and fifty labels; these are also available in an excel spreadsheet that one may find on the Nu Edition web site.

The opening paragraph to the guide’s “About” section reads:

The Nu Guide is an essentials music chart that aims to put a spotlight on the most innovative and original albums of vaporwave; those that bring something new to the table in a genre wrongfully labeled as “lazy” or “a joke” due to its accessibility. Vaporwave is an internet-born genre that mostly revolves around heavy sampling and re-contextualization of old media in music. Beside a focus on 80s – 90s aesthetics and their use to induce a hazy feeling of nostalgia on the listener.

For more information, check out the guide here.


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