RKM Records releases “ཧ༐࿏༽ ” by Apk ♀ ᴎᴇᴛ ☯ Ltd℻

It’s not very often anymore that I see a set of alt-codes or other keys that I’ve never seen before, but wow, this one certainly hits the mark. ཧ༐࿏༽ by Apk ♀ ᴎᴇᴛ ☯ Ltd℻ is a single twenty-one minute track of vapornoise and some of the most messed-up ECCOJAMS put to the airwaves. The track begins on a heavy metal note that honestly surprised me to the point where I thought I accidentally turned on one some djent. From there it launches into what can only be described as a clusterfuck of trip-hop, tempo/shift delays, and harsh noise; think Merzbow doing vaporwave, really accentuating the “noise” aspect here. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

Check it out below:



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