AOTW | 17 October – 23 October: Dante Mars Ajeto! – Life Enterprises

At its best, future funk just plain feels good. It’s happy, it’s fun, and it’s not always light – sometimes, it’s actually pretty hard-hitting. Dante Mars Ajeto’s Life Enterprises is one of such albums. It opens with one of the best tracks in future funk at the time of this writing: “Quick Script Big Bux,” which samples an uptempo funk song from the 70s and sets the tone for the rest of the album. Lots of future funk is produced to be danceable, but Life Enterprises has the production clout to back up its game: just take a look at “Paninoteca Del Mondo Lontano” and “Modern Pentathlon Suite.” If you enjoyed what Daft Punk did with French House and its classics back in the late-90s, then you’ll enjoy this one, too. Read Sunbleach‘s review here, and check out the music below.



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