HVRF releases “��▀̿▀̿▀̿ �☐ � ☐� ▀̿▀̿▀̿��” by Qebaxugon

Yeahhh noise music! ��▀̿▀̿▀̿ �☐ � ☐� ▀̿▀̿▀̿�� is out on HVRF (a.k.a. Hard Vapour Resistance Front) through the artist Qebuxagon. This sixteen-track release is basically hardvapornoise, taking the heavy and dirty sounds of hardvapor to the mixing pool of harsh noise music and glitch. Most of the tracks are quite short; eleven don’t make it past the two-minute mark, although one reaches almost to five. The album is billed as the “FIRST EVER FULL LENGTH ALIEN ALBUM TRANSMISSION FIRST MUSIC IN THE UNIVERSE TO EXIST WITHIN 13 DIMENSIONS.” It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

Check it out below:



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