PLUS100 records launches a cover/tribute contest for “永” by テレヴァペ

PLUS100 records – a label owned by Vaperror – has launched a contest to win vinyls, cassettes, and extremely-limited-edition test pressings (only ten!). The contest revolves around creating covers/tributes to songs off of by テレヴァペ, released at the beginning of fall, and submitting them to the label for judgment by Vaperror and telepath, the two artists who collaborated to make . Submissions are due by 3 November, and results will be settled by 6 November.

The rules are as follows:

  • Make a cover of a song off of any テレヴァペ album, or make a tribute song emulating the style
  • No pre-existing content, please submit new material
  • One submission per artist
  • VAPERROR and t e l e p a t h will judge (others as tiebreakers if necessary)

Submissions will be judged along the following criteria, taken straight from the announcement:

  • Originality – Yes, we want to see originality even if it’s a cover! Express the music in your own way. No samples of pre-existing music.
  • Execution – How developed is the style and song itself
  • Emotional appeal – Does the music evoke an emotional response?

Submit your entries to via SoundCloud, Clyp, or similar service. Do not send them in as downloads. More rules info may be gained here, the reddit announcement here, and the twitter page here.

(Hey guys, does this count as an entry? Because I’ve “covered” it in the journalism sense? Well, it was worth a try.)


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