AOTW | 31 October – 6 November: Nyetscape – Nyetscape 4

Nyetscape 4 is a mallsoft album by Nyetscape. As with many mallsoft releases, Nyetscape 4 seeks to enhance and elicit the feeling of being inside of a mall – abandoned or otherwise. But where Nyetscape 4 differs is the strange, foreboding darkness that slowly creeps in upon the album’s progression. “Fever” and “AgenciesXL” may be lively-ish muzak tracks, but nobody would confuse either “Mastercharge” or “ROUTINE_-_-PRAYING_MANTIS” for a good time outside of The Twilight Zone. Mallsoft does well at using sterility of sound to hit the unsettling, but Nyetscape 4 goes past that and opts for sounds that are overtly disconcerting. Check out Sunbleach‘s review here, and listen to the music below:



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