Verbatim Consciousness Recordings double release: “Karoshi” by Open XML and “BELIEVE” by ΣPSON

Two releases out by Verbatim Consciousness Recordings in the past twenty-four hours. They’re a bit different from the “normal” run of VCR/DMT Tapes FL, but with how many albums are coming out in the past few weeks from the label, admittedly there isn’t much “normal” to which to compare. Karoshi by Open XML is a cinematic vaporwave release of eight tracks that mixes chillwave, instrumental hip-hop, and ambient house music. BELIEVE by ΣPSON is just two tracks, one of thirteen minutes and another of eighteen minutes. The first track has a monologue about discipleship and similar esotericism over downtempo/ambient vaporwave music; the second is like a lo-fi mix tape of classic-style vaporwave samplism. Both albums are available as pay-what-you-want digital downloads.

Check them out below:



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