BLCR Laboratories releases “Death FM ’83” by Austin Godburn

It seems that BLCR Laboratories has branched out into a little outrun! Death FM ’83 is a cinematic electronic experience with hints of early-mid 80s darkwave and a bit of 90s techno by the artist Austin Godburn. The album’s general concept is of a man who killed Death and must take his place, riding his pale horse – or in this case, car – to collect souls. “Underworld Club” sounds legitimately club-like (but with a bit of darkness, of course); “Purgatory” is the most dark-ambient, with some organ-sounding effects at the break; and “Destiny” has a grinding electronic backing that fits the somewhat-outrun milieu well. Start off with those three tracks. Death FM ’83 is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and for €9 on black-shelled cassette.

Check it out below:



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