Dream Catalogue releases “A” by telepath

telepath is no stranger to grand-scale projects, so when A was released on Dream Catalogue, I gotta say, I’m curious if we’ll see a B, C, and D in a few weeks. This album is newly released on Dream Catalogue as of this day, and follows a similar pattern to his inaugural release of the third act of the Virtual Dreams Plaza, with shining and shimmering1 synths, LFO triggers (to steal from HKE’s comments on Twitter),2 and video game-ish music. Check out “Lover’s Gaze” for that last one, which is just insanely upbeat with a 16-bit era feel to it. This album is available for £4 as a digital download and for £14 on white vinyl in an edition of 1000.

Check it out below:



1So tempted to write “splendor.”
2Source is here.


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