Daniel Lopatin announces an official re-release of “Chuck Person’s ECCOJAMS Vol. 1”

EDIT: Aaaaaaaand, it’s up! For $13 USD! Check it out here!

Chuck Person’s ECCOJAMS Vol. 1 was originally released on cassette in a very limited run back in 2010, and the digital uploads that have been circulating since are either from these cassettes or from uploads by Daniel Lopatin’s (mostly known as Oneohtrix Point Never) YouTube handle. Several bandcamp pages have floated around that purport to feature the original upload itself (some even charging for them), but since the original cassette release on The Curatorial Club, nothing has come in quite a while from the creator himself.

Well, as of today that’s changed. The OPN merchandise page on Big Cartel now lists that Chuck Person’s ECCOJAMS Vol. 1 is “coming soon” for $10 USD on digital download, from the “MASTER TAPE RIP” itself. As of this writing, there is no other news from Lopatin on when exactly ECCOJAMS is to be re-released, but its presence and the banner announcement “WINTER THREADS COMING SOON” means that curious buyers may except ECCOJAMS to be re-released some time soon in the upcoming season.

Chuck Person’s ECCOJAMS Vol. 1 is commonly cited (like right here on this web site) as one of the first vaporwave albums, having codified and named the subgenre “ECCOJAMS.” The album features almost twenty songs of reverbed, remixed, and “slowed-down narcotically” (to use Lopatin’s words) pop hits from the 60s and beyond. Check out Sunbleach‘s review of it here for more information. Access OPN’s Big Cartel merchandise page here.


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