BLCR Laboratories releases “Storyline” by Zetaprism

Editor’s note: I would totally listen to this while cross-country skiing. This sounds like it was made for the trails.

Storyline is new music by Zetaprism, and it has a whole lot of that Boards of Canada + Parallax feel that we at Sunbleach mentioned in today’s review of Hello Skypedals EP1 by Vektordrum. Storyline is a frosty affair of mid-tempo percussion and loops with major progressions that are by far the happiest tracks that have ever come out of BLCR Laboratories. Although far removed from dreampunk, ghost tech, and vaporwave; it’s certainly an album that’ll appeal to fans of BoC, in addition to early 2010s acts such as South Sea Island Magic. It’s all peppy electronica, available for €4 as a digital download.

Check it out below:



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