Latinwave Records undergoes a revamp

Latinwave Records is an Ecuadorian vaporwave label devoted to “promote music created by the Hispanic vaporwave community.” Many of their albums utilize samples from Hispanic and Latin American music sources, in addition to utilizing imagery and artwork that evokes Central and Southern America. The last several weeks have been relatively quiet for Latinwave, but today, the label unveiled a complete and total redesign. All albums that were previously available are still up, but the old Latinwave kitschy-vaporwave banner has been replaced by an entirely new one that’s somewhat reminiscent of Dream Catalogue, with a logo that features an indigenous peoples’ artwork of a bird. An artists page is up as well, featuring links to prominent Latinwave artists such as AROMA VIRTUAL, A K A N E I N T O K I O, Ezhak, and h y p e r n o v a 航海ハイ.

Check out Latinwave here.


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