Evaporated Sounds releases “『BUDDING ❀ EMOTIONS』EP” by (JPN Essentials~)

With a name like (JPN Essentials~), I’m sure you know what you’re in for. The 『BUDDING ❀ EMOTIONS』EP is a seven-track extended-play of classic-style vaporwave and ECCOJAMS, thoroughly ironic and thoroughly tempo-shifted. If you’re into the sounds of Macintosh Plus’ FLORAL SHOPPE – and yes, I’m fully aware that I mentioned it in a “new music” feature not even two albums ago, but it’s just that pervasive – then you’d like this, even the weird experimental middle parts. There’s a moment of extra-lo-fi (e.g. “Water・Lodge”) and CD-skip samplism, too (e.g. “Candy・Store”). 『BUDDING ❀ EMOTIONS』EP is available for $1 CAD as a digital download.

Check it out below:



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