emperor tangerine – find me lady

Recommendation: ✂ (“rescue me”)

From the harsh noise of my empire to the static soundscapes of saltwater creek to the computer drone of find me lady, emperor tangerine had quite a progression in their works. find me lady was the final full-length album by emperor tangerine until the release of slaves on Acid Medical just ten days before the writing of this article, capping off two years of some of the most challenging music released by a Dream Catalogue or one of its imprints.

Crackle and pop underlie each track, as if find me lady were recorded on old magnetic tape that’s lost a bit of fidelity during the transfer process. “away” is a dark ambient piece that uses a low bass force with occasional reverbed synthesizer chords. “rescue me” is continuous drone bass chords played like Sunn O))) and Ulver on Terrestrials with an arpeggio of bloops and a simple synthesizer descending melody in the background. Final track “hold me again” is basically a reprise of the same techniques used in “away”, however with more focus on what sounds like synthesized guitar plucks.

my empire and the_zone are brutal in their uncompromising approach to noise music; find me lady is also intense, but for an entirely different reason: understatement. It has the same effect as the latter side of Sunn O)))’s White2, where the extreme limits of drone and heavy metal are not tested in loudness, but in sheer length and nigh-punishing repetition of sounds. However, find me lady is neither as varied nor wild as the other albums in the discography of emperor tangerine, especially since “away” and “hold me again” are so similar. Curious listeners should start off with “rescue me”; the austerity of the other tracks may lend itself too close to monotony, although the unchanging, dreadful potency is not to be discounted.



1. away – (18:55)
2. rescue me – (11:25)
3. hold me again – (7:10)



  • mat

    lol ET released slaves on acid medical recently, might wanna fix that

    • Sunbleach

      Damn, I searched the hell out of the Internet for more emperor tangerine. Apparently “slaves” came out literally ten days before I wrote this, so no wonder I missed it on first pass.


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