Online Records releases “AOL​/​WEB​/​NET Live @ Discord” live performance

Can you imagine the abrasive digital electronics of vapornoise in a live setting? Well, Online Records did just that, and you can listen to it on AOL​/​WEB​/​NET Live @ Discord. As with many Online Records albums, this release is two long-form tracks of extremely dissonant and experimental music that pervert the traditions(?) of ECCOJAMS, classic-style vaporwave, and noise music. The performers are Hantasi (of Dream Catalogue and Bedlam Tapes) and the artist behind Telepathic Data Storage (of Nirvana Port and several others). Both tracks are billed as different “bands” playing the live set at Discord, but they flow into each other pretty seamlessly. AOL​/​WEB​/​NET Live @ Discord is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

Check it out below:




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