Evaporated Sounds releases “SUNRISE ’94” by WJAR10PROVIDENCE

Evaporated Sounds is out with new music from the newsoft channel of WJAR10PROVIDENCE via SUNRISE ’94. This release plays on the concept of “weathersoft”, which utilizes samples from weather channel broadcasts and music to evoke the sense of, well, watching The Weather Channel. However, SUNRISE ’94 takes this on another route with instead reverbing and editing music from TV news networks. The album is split into two tracks – “SIDE A” and “SIDE B” – both of which feature several songs stitched together to create the eponymous news network’s morning show. It’s pretty heavily pitch/tempo-shifted, so expect something closer to the degradation of Mason Guerrero’s The Chernobyl Tapes than straight-up weathersoft. It’s available for $1 as a digital download.

Check it out below:



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