Recommendation: ✂ (“REBOOT”)

If there’s one thing that TKX Vault always had in its first run, it was some killer album artwork. Regardless of one’s feelings on NEXUS_DAWN, it’s unequivocally one of the most beautiful (and vaguely despondent) covers to any dreampunk release – and this is a genre that revels in exquisite renders of life in a cyberpunk world.

NEXUS_DAWN comes from 2047, the founder/owner of BLCR Laboratories. It arrived at a turning point in the history of TKX Vault, shortly after the first “ruskevapor” offering by ЖЫ but before the nigh-total forsaking of vaporwave through The Vaporwave Trials. Alongside ADOV’s Exospirit and Sandtimer’s 808 Hate Suite, NEXUS_DAWN consists of epic soundscape pieces that are in no way the happiest thing ever recorded on TKX Vault. Each of the three tracks are long, slow drone pieces without much cinema, instead seeming to wallow in a state of formlessness and depression that continue for ten or twenty minutes at a time.

The standout cut is the dungeon-synthy “REBOOT”. It has a mournful gloominess that really takes up a notch the forlorn imagery of cyberpunk dystopia, creating a similar milieu as bleak by cold., out on sister label Nirvana Port. It’s so easy for such long, somber pieces to cross from actual emotion (or lack thereof) into lugubrious snap-out-of-it-already misery, but “REBOOT” totally hits the mark, never breaking from its leaden stride to nowhere but never becoming overly despondent that it breaks the illusion. “LIFE_SIMULATION” is another solid track, taking a progressive electronic bent that features some digital gurgles that recall emperor tangerine’s “rescue me” off of find me lady, but with slush instead of noise music. At half the album’s run-time, “SYSTEM_DAMAGE” goes a little too hard on the side of amorphous drone; listen to its shorter, more manageable cousins.

[Editor’s note: in the summer of 2017, this album was deleted and then re-uploaded under the artist name “DREAMTEK”.]



1. SYSTEM_DAMAGE – (20:00)
2. LIFE_SIMULATION – (10:00)
3. REBOOT – (10:00)


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