Windows 98の – インターネット

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Windows 98の is an electronic music producer hailing from Orlando, FL. He’s worked for several years refining a precise, exacted form of vaportrap that utilizes the aesthetics of early Windows computing systems – and more than just a start-up sound. インターネット1 is his first-ever release, a five-track extended-play that was originally released on Virtual Disk Systems but is now available through Windows 98の’s self-released bandcamp page. It’s primarily a remix-centered album that uses short samples of Windows proprietary sounds and pop samples with cleanly produced percussion that uses yet not abuses hi-hats. For listeners who find that tck-tck-tck-tck-tck annoying, Windows 98の is a producer who could probably change your mind on how such percussion may be utilized. The album uses AOL’s indelible “you’ve got mail!” jingle as a rhythmic force on “事務所スペース” and Ness’s shout of “PK Thunder!” from the Super Smash Bros. series on “ネス!”. Who’da thought you could do that?



1. メインフレーム(スタートアップ)- (2:27)2
2. ラジオ、ラジオ – (0:58)3
3. ゾロフト – (3:13)4
4. 事務所スペース – (2:29)5
5. ネス! – (2:36)6


1Japanese translation: “The Internet”
2Japanese translation: “Mainframe (startup)”
3Japanese translation: “Radio, radio”
4Japanese translation: “Zoloft”
5Japanese translation: “Office space”
6Japanese translation: “Ness!”


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