AOTW | 12 December – 18 December: Spirit #67 – 103.67FM

103.67FM is an album that’s set up as if one is listening to late-night jazz radio on the titular radio station of Spirit #67. This release is a clever exercise in restraint: it sounds exactly like some smooth jazz compilation or radio network with little shifting, pitch-adjustment, or other studio tricks; but what it does have is the ever so slight touch of static, the sound of a record needle being picked up from the vinyl, and the faintest of studio sounds that truly make it feel as if this is a living station. It’s easy to dismiss this record as just another sampled release of vaporwave that may not be “real” music, but we at Sunbleach find it to be a warm and comforting exploration of easy, contemporary sounds that recall falling asleep in the back seat of a parent’s car.

Read Sunbleach‘s review here, and check out the music below:



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