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exhaust is a forty-minute album coming from stress.1 It was released as a part of the Telepathic Data Storage project, which also includes releases such as 103.67FM by Spirit #67 and the reality.wav series. This album is pure ambient noise music, completely bypassing the “vapor-” influences of other Telepathic Data Storage albums. It anticipates the future albums by the artist behind Telepathic Data Storage through the Online Records label, which was co-founded with the producer Hantasi to create music entirely within the realm of experimental vapor-influenced noise music, often pushing its boundaries in harshness and amusicality.

Each track is slightly over ten minutes long. “burning our sins”2 is the quietest and is similar to the drone of 2047 on NEXUS_DAWN. The title track utilizes substantial fuzz to obfuscate the barest hint of melody. “how things were all wrong” brings back the quiet and is by far the most pleasant song on the album, giving way to a pure tone at approximately the six-minute mark that acts as a light through the darkness of the rest of the album. Finally, “war” is nigh-entirely feedback, and it is the track most similar to what would be explored through Online Records.



1. burning our sins – (10:39)
2. exhaust – (10:45)
3. how things were all wrong – (10:39)
4. war – (10:43)

In August 2016, Telepathic Data Storage deleted their entire discography, which unfortunately means that there are no embed links for bandcamp or other streaming services. However, listeners may access exhaust. and other albums from the project by following this link.


1What a poetic clause.
2Assuming no relation to the Employee#6817 track of the same name.


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