Sunset Grid double release: “Holographic Delux Edition” by N e w P e p s i 9 5 and “L O S T A N D F O U N D” by MEGAZONE EX

Sunset Grid releases two albums per week, and this past week they were Holographic Delux Edition by N e w P e p s i 9 5 and L O S T A N D F O U N D by MEGAZONE EX. Holographic Delux Edition is hypnagogic drift vaporwave music, the video game cover artwork notwithstanding, that sounds like a spacey bent on mallsoft music. L O S T A N D F O U N D is straight classic-style vaporwave music, with plenty of CD skips, tempo/pitch-shifting, and digitized voiceovers. There’s also a bit of future funk, such as on “ANRI (杏里) – Lady Sunshine // Future Funk //”. The former is available as a free digital download; the latter, pay-what-you-want.

Check them out below:



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