Occasionally Tapes releases “Stay Hydrated!” by DRone 駅

Occasionally Tapes is out with new music from DRone 駅, titled Stay Hydrated!. Such a title might make one expect future funk or classic-style vaporwave, but this is anything but. Stay Hydrated! is a six track mini-album of hypnagogic drift. Opening track “Puddles” starts off the album with dark ambient music and dreampunk – or “deathdream” – that is akin to Brian Eno’s Ambient 4: On Land. The majority of the album lacks percussion, but “Thunder” does feature some drums, and “Rain” completely throws the album on its head for something resembling downtempo jazz. It’s quite varied, for sure. Stay Hydrated! is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

Check it out below:



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  • Preston

    Thunder has gotta be my favorite track I think with Waterfall coming in second (I love the way Waterfall brings the project to an end). #hydrate or die-drate


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