Post-Vacation Announcements

Hello, readers!

I’ve been on vacation for the past ten days in my homeland of Alaska, returning Sunday night to my town while dealing with jet lag and missing all of my husky dogs. Sunbleach was not to be updated during that time – as mentioned on the official Twitter page – and today marks the return of the site for more reviews, interviews, new music features, and other articles.

Now that Sunbleach has existed for only a few months shy of a year (wow), we’re going to make a few aesthetic changes to the site in order to facilitate communication and a better readership experience. Shortly after making this post, a Twitter feed will be featured on the sidebar, which will link directly to the Sunbleach Media Twitter page/account so that readers can be more up-to-date on new music/releases, artist information, and general shenanigans until articles are posted. Those who are curious may follow this direct link.

Since no new music articles were written through the last two weeks, instead of writing a whole bunch of articles and becoming even further behind on new releases, nine “catch-up” articles will be written on music from nine different labels, chosen mostly at random but also based on reader interest as demonstrated in messages received upon return. Five articles will be published tonight; the other four will be published tomorrow morning before 9AM EST. Afterwards, new music articles will proceed as normal.

Album-of-the-week features will continue next week upon the start of February. We will also host another label feature the last week of the month, to be announced a week prior.

Thanks for reading, and as always, thanks for the interest in reading, commenting on, and following this goofy little site. I genuinely love vaporwave and all of its quirks and related genres, and I’m delighted that you enjoy reading my thoughts.


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