BLCR Laboratories launches new web site, reissues cassettes

BLCR Laboratories launched a new web site for physical releases and distribution. Expanding far from the days when they were “Bloody Carpet”, BLCR Laboratories’ new site now features links to all currently available merchandise through the label for direct order, including various physical releases from other labels such as PLUS100, Orange Milk, and Beer on the Rug. There are also links to BLCR’s Teepublic site, which currently features four different t-shirts for purchase for $20 per shirt (or for $14/each until tomorrow, 27 January).

Accompanying the new web site is a reissue of three albums from BLCR’s back catalogue: Transcendental God by Subaeris, (Season_2) Limb by LILLITH双生, and HRDWRLD by CONSUMERプロダクト. All three albums have a hard techno-influenced cyberpunk bent; the Subaeris album was also featured on Nirvana Port, an imprint of Dream Catalogue. The cassettes are available for €9 per cassette or for 25 as a set; a purchase of the full set will also include a free poster.

Check out the new site here.


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