AOTW | 13 February – 19 February: テレビ体験 – Y.2089

BEMKSZZZZZHHHHHHHHHHHH[japanesemuttering]SOZAAAA. Sorry, just playing Y.2089 by テレビ体験. It’s the first album released on TKX Vault, an imprint of Dream Catalogue specifically started by cyberpunk artist HKE as a creative outlet for avant-garde works removed from his main projects. Y.2089 is one of the most abrasive albums in the entire genre of vaporwave and cyberpunk music. At its core, it uses the tropes of prism genesis by fuji grid tv: jump cut samplism, utilization of non-musical sources, degradation of source material, and grating atonality. The difference is that Y.2089 takes it to way, way further of an extreme. Where prism genesis sounds like a VCR tape recording on the fritz, Y.2089 is audio screw from a software bending project gone (awesomely) wrong. Y.2089 proved to be an excellent start to the TKX Vault run, and it remains one of the imprint’s best works.

Read the Sunbleach review here, and check out the music below:



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