Sud Swap Audio Brewing releases “SAFE SERVICES” by 1-900-9099-CRY

Sud Swap’s second album of 2017 is SAFE SERVICES by 1-900-9099-CRY. It’s a hypnagogic drift release with an appropriately lugubrious texture. Each track title is some variant on the album title, with qualifiers such as “MISSING”, “SAFE”, and “HEAL”. It’s a nice, downtempo release, and it occasionally features some slushy production as the album unfolds. Sud Swap Audio Brewing is pushing the physical-release side of vaporwave this year, so the purchase options are quite diverse: $8.99 for a CD-R, $9.99 for a cassette, and/or a pay-what-you-want digital download. The “telephone answering system” is already sold out.

Check it out below:



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