Crystaltone closes down

The UK-based label Crystaltone has closed down, removing the entirety of its catalogue from streaming services such as Bandcamp following disputes between the label and artists HKE and w u s o 命. Crystaltone focused on ambient vaporwave, dreampunk, and slushwave in its releases. At the moment, there are no known statements from the owner of Crystaltone. Some of the albums formerly released on the label are available through other channels from artists and from other labels, which we have listed below:

This list will be updated as more albums are uploaded through other sources.



  • louisF.

    Hi, i am lillith twin and saiba 98.

    here are the links to the albums that were removed due to crystaltone’s closure.

    lillith twin /s1 deathpowder. =
    saiba 98/ organic android =

    i have been feeling a bit bad since i myself had deleted my bandcamp accounts which a few people have purchased and i used the money to buy arduino boards. luckily one of the albums made it to one of my favourites (blcr) which was originally made for it, i take no pride on taking away ownership from listeners . but digital distribution isn’t always reliable just approachable (accessible). just rent. i don’t blame them. tough situation(s). hoping there is peace at the end.

    thanks for your review on organic android! i love your rating system (much better than scaling numbers.)



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