Dixie Crossing – temple

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

temple is one of the first albums released by Dixie Crossing in 2017. That might sounds like an oddly-specific “first” to mention, but it’s simply because Dixie Crossing is one of those vaporwave producers whose enjoyment of music is so palpable, he can’t help but release album after album in a short span. No, I’m not making fun of him with that statement.1 It’s genuinely nice to come across artists who exude that interest in their craft. You can watch them figure things out with each successive month, or even week.

This release is twenty-two minutes of classic-style vaporwave that’s produced somewhat in the style of broken transmission and VHS pop. The funk, muzak, easy listening, and R&B samples are all there, often edited with a bit extra skip and pop than one would normally experience (e.g. “spectre”, a great classic-style track). While nothing too new is added to any equation one way or another, it’s a simple and stimulating experience that holds its own against link-minded artists such as Digital Sex and computer slime. Add it to your “decrepit music with a smile” playlist.



1. chamber – (0:45)
2. reminiscence – (1:37)
3. steps – (1:05)
4. spectre – (0:55)
5. ritual – (0:49)
6. judgement – (2:32)
7. majesty – (2:37)
8. confines – (0:47)
9. halls – (0:54)
10. passages – (1:15)
11. presence – (0:42)
12. candles – (1:00)
13. sacrifice – (0:45)
14. echos – (1:42)
15. drip – (1:27)
16. stones – (1:00)
17. element – (1:17)
18. grounds – (0:58)


1It’s sad that the Internet makes positive statements seem sarcastic upon first glance.


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