AOTW | 27 February – 5 March: Remember – ルートバックホーム

Kicking off March 2017 is ルートバックホーム by Remember, a dreampunk release out on Dream Catalogue that incorporates the best of city-lights ambiance and rain on one’s apartment balcony. Taking inspiration from dreampunk forebears such as HKE and telepath (both of whom collaborate with Remember on this album), ルートバックホーム evokes cityscapes in their solitary yet vibrant wonder, where the streets stretch on forever and the buildings seem to never end their climb through the cloudy sky. If you’ve listened to 2814 and wondered where to go next, then Remember is an excellent place to go next, and it’ll likely open up a whole new world of cyberpunk music if the former artist didn’t already do that for you.

Read the Sunbleach review here, and check out the music below:



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