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gorepup is one-half of the team behind BLCR Laboratories and is the founder/operator of Acid Medical, the focus of this week’s label/artist feature. Acid Medical was founded in the fall of 2016 as a publisher for the kidcore and post-vore aesthetic, which fuses glitchy electronica, garish colors, and drone music. Sunbleach spoke with gorepup this past weekend for his thoughts on the formation of Acid Medical, its relationship to BLCR Laboratories, and its sardonic take on digital art.


S: What exactly is “kidcore” / “post-vore”?

G: Kidcore is more a type of aesthetic – not really a music genre. Garish bright colors that only children wouldn’t mind to be together. Kind of ties in with 2009 DeviantArt culture and children furries. It’s always been super out there and I love it. It also tend to have ties with stuff like medical equipment and medication because that stuff is usually colored like kidcore. If you want a good visual representation of kidcore just read Sparklecare – I love it. Post-vore is just something to make Acid Medical stand out – has no meaning – kind of like 2015 vaporwave in a way.


S: I just looked up Sparklecare and wow you weren’t kidding. Anything in particular that catalyzed that interest in creating Acid Medical or exploring that particular aesthetic?

G: Mainly because so many other labels have tried to do something along these lines and I felt they always got it wrong. For example with the label Blue Screen 666; they tried really hard to get this aesthetic right – but I always felt they came up short. Also it was just a breakaway from being serious 24/7 from running BLCR.


S: What, particularly, do you think [Blue Screen 666] got wrong or came up short on?

G: I felt like they only had a vague idea of what they wanted and were unable to fully flesh out what they wanted. Though I feel like they wanted something similar to Acid Medical.


S: How do you solicit/receive albums? Are the majority of artists also from BLCR roster? I kinda get the impression that Acid Medical’s relation to BLCR is like what TKX Vault was to Dream Catalogue.

G: Receiving albums changes – I’ve only ever gotten one demo for Acid Medical and I didn’t really like it. Most of the albums is just moving BLCR albums over or me asking some friends if they want to do something. Half of Acid Medical is from BLCR (Pega, starsculptor, HKE, me). Actually there’s really only one person that’s not on BLCR (SLЏMS) so yeah most people are from BLCR in some way. And no, Acid Medical is unrelated from BLCR – if anything Nebula Collection is like the “TKX of BLCR” because it’s a lot cleaner and has a visual goal. (Nebula Collection is ran by the other owner of BLCR.) ((I don’t have anything to do with it.))


S: What’d the name “Acid Medical” come from?

G: I don’t know, I kind of made it up on a whim.


S: Is there a schedule to releases (e.g. once per month), or is it kind of whenever they’re submitted/you feel like it?

G: Just whenever.


S: Any other inspirations or influences to Acid Medical that you or others have?

G: Other than kidcore, not really.


S: Are there plans for physical or limited-run stuff, or is this digital-only?

G: Yeah, I’m planning on doing an 808 Hate Suite CD soon, but HKE’s been kind of slow delivering the stuff he promised about it.


S: Are there plans to release other stuff from the Vaults/Port? Like the Transcendental God album from earlier this year?

G: Nope.


S: Anything coming up on Acid Medical in the near future?

G: PZA release hopefully. I’ve been trying to get him on forever and he’s always said no.


S: I assume that the gorepup album uses samples/imagery from the Animal Crossing video game and of course the Thunder Dash album reference My Little Pony. What’s behind some of the other albums? That UNDERDOSE album is entrancing. The album artwork is pretty much what I think of when I hear “Acid Medical”.

G: animal crossing was just something fun I did – nothing serious. The Thunder Dash album was a joke at first. One of my friends tweeted about how theres only shitty EDM My Little Pony albums and no harsh noise, ambient, or experimental albums. So I made one. Genuinely love how it came out. And thank you about UNDERDOSE – very happy with how that came out.


S: What inspired the idea to make the ultra-long drone of the str grl †, in addition to the drone on the UNDERDOSE and gorepup albums that are sandwiched between the much shorter tracks? I called Acid Medical “ADD drone” a few days ago, and by that I meant that it kind of inspires these long mental burns from drone that get shocked back to focus with glitchy albums like those by starsculptor and Jin. Kind of like being sedated.

G: No idea why, to be honest. Just feel any album can be improved with a drone track.


S: What are sources/ideas behind the album artworks?

G: They’re just kind of random. No cohesive story with them.


S: Anything else you’d like to share?

G: Acid Medical is the greatest label ever in all of human history.


S: What about BLCR?

G: Best in the universe.


Check out UNDERDOSE by メディカル below:


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